Love, Hate, and Gladiators

July 20, 2024 2:00 pm

About the Game

Session Length: 0 -
4 hours

In Zora, those who die are never mourned for it is weakness that turns flesh into dust. Why would the Zorites waste tears on those that proved unworthy of life? Azuri, Prince of the Air, claimed the throne in a contest of strength and is prophesied to conquer all nations and rule immortal. Few dare to look him in the eyes let alone contest his authority.

His most beloved concubine, Esther, sees a different side of him. One that trembles in the night, desperately grasping at her as though she was sand slipping through his fingers. Growing paranoid, reactive. Growing weak. Esther knows the proclaimed prophecy is a lie, but what she doesn’t know is what the Scrolls of Fate truly contain. She cannot make the perilous journey to the sanctum alone  – she will need your help. You will need her if you ever hope to escape the gruesome life of the arena.

What do you say, gladiator?

About the Game Master

5 years experience as a DM. I am passionate about world building and the incredibly unique experience DnD has to offer when full immersion is accomplished. Wrote a novel of a backstory? Great – I’ll weave it in! Wrote a one sentence backstory, but showed up with lots of swords? Great – let’s hack and slash.

I prefer writing my own campaigns drawing inspiration from a variety of genres/writers: gothic horror, Lord of the Rings, the Bible, various ancient mythologies, and some of my favorite shonen anime. My campaigns run on the darker side, but I am totally down to write a fairy princess My Little Pony mini-series, if anyone is interested…. plz message me on discord.

Let’s write an unforgettable adventure together!