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Looking for an exciting & immersive gaming experience?

Look no further and join our community of players to experience the thrill of epic storytelling with our top-rated game master services.

What is Rogue Game Masters?

We are professional Game Masters that excel at in person Role Playing Games.

Whether you are looking for a game for you and your friends or want to meet new people by joining a game solo, RGM can help find an in-person game that works for you.  Pop into our Find A Game section to discover games that work on your schedule. We handle all of the payments through Rogue Game Masters and you only pay when you play.

No worries! Our seasoned professional Dungeon Masters and Game Masters are eager to assist you and your friends in discovering the game and learning how to play D&D in person.

We’ve got you covered because our GM’s are experts at teaching new players the ropes while keeping the story and combat exciting for everyone in attendance.

First and foremost, we play at actual tables.  RGM offers weekly campaigns of Dungeons & Dragons and other RPGs played in person.   Our GMs have access to high quality miniatures and terrain pieces that bring your game to life.

Looking for something special?

Special Events

Are you or a loved one looking for an awesome birthday experience? Are you a business looking for a team building event? Or are you just throwing a party and wanting something unique? Complete the special event form and hire a GM to bring adventure to the venue of your choosing.

Regular One-shots

RGM also offers regular one-shot (single session RPG games) games at local breweries.

Summer of Adventure

Rogue Game Masters hosts 3 camps each summer where we play Dungeons & Dragons with your kids! Dungeons & Dragons is a wonderful role playing game that brings people together to tell a shared story. D&D promotes fair play, fosters communication skills, encourages team building, and also strengthens core educational practices (Reading & Math). But mostly, we roll dice and save the world from evil!