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5 years experience as a DM. I am passionate about world building and the incredibly unique experience DnD has to offer when full immersion is accomplished. Wrote a novel of a backstory? Great - I'll weave it in! Wrote a one sentence backstory, but showed up with lots of swords? Great - let's hack and slash.

I prefer writing my own campaigns drawing inspiration from a variety of genres/writers: gothic horror, Lord of the Rings, the Bible, various ancient mythologies, and some of my favorite shonen anime. My campaigns run on the darker side, but I am totally down to write a fairy princess My Little Pony mini-series, if anyone is interested.... plz message me on discord.

Let's write an unforgettable adventure together!


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Very Engaging

May 27, 2024

Every session ive played has been a fun and engaging experience. She always balances mystery, encounters, roleplay, puzzles, riddles, etc very nicely. I never get bored, because theres always something to do. Also very good at incorperating peoples backstory’s, making you feel very much a part of the bigger picture.

Storytelling: Naomi loves to keep you on the edge of your seat with story telling. Keeps you guessing. She wont bore you with 10 pages of lore behind something but rather weaves it into roleplay and it feels natural.

Encounters: Creative and challenging encounters. She doesnt pull punches but doesnt make you feel hopeless against enemies either.

Roleplay: Very good at playing the different characters of her world and making you feel a part of it too.

Puzzles/riddles: She loves making you think about situations and putting things together. For example in a more recent session, we found a body with a note on it. The note was a riddle we had to decipher to uncover the key to a door in the room. Which then led to another room with clues on the wall and ceilings combined with another riddle.

Would highly recommend as a DM to your next campaign. You wont be disappointed.


Awesome Experience!

May 17, 2024

Naomi has truly elevated our Dungeons and Dragons experience to new heights. I always look forward to our sessions and can’t wait to see where our adventures take us next. If you’re looking for a DM who knows how to create unforgettable stories and keep your party engaged, look no further!


Amazing DM

May 16, 2024

I can’t begin to convey the passion and dedication this wonderful lady has for DnD. She has the heart of a true story teller; puts every bit of her self into her games. Great for new and experienced players. Very fair across the board and listens to her players. Absolutely recommend doing anything from one shots to campaigns with her. We’ve played a dozen games together and I’ve known her for over three years.

Bryan Woodington

Great world building & immersion

May 16, 2024

Clearly shows passion in creating a story that involves your character and will exceed expectations. Great to see someone who wants you to express every ounce of creativity in all interactions in her worlds. Immediately takes action on feedback which is amazing to see!!!


Quick and witty and thinks on her feet!

May 16, 2024

Naomi is a great dm giving just the right level of challenges for the party and does an amazing job of getting into character for her NPC’s! Great mix of combat, strategy and problem solving!