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We are professional Game Masters that excel at in person Role Playing Games.

Whether you are looking for a game for you and your friends or want to meet new people by joining a game solo, RGM can help find an in-person game that works for you.  Pop into our Find A Game section to discover games that work on your schedule.  We handle all of the payments through Rogue Game Masters and you only pay when you play.

No worries! Our seasoned professional Dungeon Masters and Game Masters are eager to assist you and your friends in discovering the game and learning how to play D&D in person.

Can you really put a price on adventure? Yes, definitely.  Rouge Game Masters brings you epic fun for only $25 per session.

We’ve got you covered because our GM’s are experts at teaching new players the ropes while keeping the story and combat exciting for everyone in attendance.

Up for something silly? All about that Dungeon Craw!? Do you really love the Roleplay aspect of an RPG? Our GM’s offer a wide range of play styles to keep you and your friends entertained for hours on end.

Currently, Rogue Game Masters offers our professional services to the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

Soon we will be expanding to offer in person games at venues near you.

Not at all, feel free to join active campaigns or start a new campaign. As long as there are open seats, you can join a game at any stage.

Players are charged for their first session when they sign up to join the game. All subsequent games are charged at the beginning of each session, unless the subscription has been paused by the player.

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you need to skip a session or would like to leave a campaign/one-shot, you can do so with no penalty, up to 24 hours before the start time of the game.  If you cancel or leave the campaign/one-shot within 24 hours of the game you will be charged an late cancelation fee of $10 or $15 depending on how long your session is scheduled for.

The short answer is, Nothing! Our GMs can provide you with everything you need to play at our tables as long as they have time to contact you before the game starts.

Do you want to become a professional game master? All of our GMs are required to interview before they can post games on the website.