Adventures after an Arcane Apocalypse

Next Session: June 25, 2024 6:30 pm

About the Game

Session Length: 2 -
3 hours

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Welcome traveler! 

Please secure any belongings and prepare for unimaginable peril, haunting discoveries, and infinite riches!

The material plane has been scorched, ravaged, and fractured from centuries of arcane and nuclear warfare between mortals of all kind, extra-planar beings, and various pantheons of the immortal gods themselves. Presently, you find yourself in a fleeting moment of pause, while the rest of the universe spares a moment to catch its breath, you see a chance for uncharted potential in this world!

What you choose to leave behind and who you may become is now up to you!

What was once a hollow pocket of the cosmos, the material plane was forged and life was brimming with divine chaos and order. Millenniums passed, the spark of life evolved like the seasons, and the most recent era of mortals called this place “Earth.” Much of their kingdom now lies beneath ruin since the magic of old collided with the greed of the future. Arcane gates were opened, forgotten legends were reawakened, and concepts ahead of their time were forged from necessity.

This new world or, whatever you may call it in your native tongue, will definitely surprise you!


A few things to note please when considering to be a player at this table:

  1. Fun and unforgettable memories are consistently my goals as your Game Master! This is meant to be a safe place and time for laughter and creativity as we all explore this story together!
  2. Throughout the campaign, there will be all kinds of handmade props, mini’s, terrain, and more! Along with one of a kind encounters you can also occasionally expect real life items and reference art for your characters that you will get to keep, as well as mystery loot and dice!
  3. This is a homebrew setting I have been working on for years and it is always growing from collaboration and inspiration, so lets roll the dice and adventure into the next chapter!

Humbly and respectfully,

– Charlie


About the Game Master

Smoke chokes the air as another raging fistful of fire is hurled in your direction. Your natural and dexterous instinct to dive allows you to avoid most of the flames. As you steady yourself, moving at half your usual pace, you now lock eyes with the villainous wizard. You see the kings blood still dripping from his wicked smile, and in the shadow of your swords blade you see fear consume his confidence as he realizes you have him beat;

Tell me friend, How Do You Want To Do This?


Welcome Adventurer!

As your humble Game Master it is my honor and privilege to welcome you and guide you through the various exciting worlds we will be visiting from week to week! Everyone is welcome to have a seat for the journey so long as you work as a team and respect each others space. The most important objectives to remember while traveling are to have fun, laugh, and embrace the “Rule of Cool!”

So hold on to your dice and get ready to dive in!