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Charlie – The Inked GM

Game Master

Smoke chokes the air as another raging fistful of fire is hurled in your direction. Your natural and dexterous instinct to dive allows you to avoid most of the flames. As you steady yourself, moving at half your usual pace, you now lock eyes with the villainous wizard. You see the kings blood still dripping from his wicked smile, and in the shadow of your swords blade you see fear consume his confidence as he realizes you have him beat;

Tell me friend, How Do You Want To Do This?


Welcome Adventurer!

As your humble Game Master it is my honor and privilege to welcome you and guide you through the various exciting worlds we will be visiting from week to week! Everyone is welcome to have a seat for the journey so long as you work as a team and respect each others space. The most important objectives to remember while traveling are to have fun, laugh, and embrace the "Rule of Cool!"

So hold on to your dice and get ready to dive in!


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Top notch

May 8, 2024

As a new player that just enjoyed my first one shot, Charlie is super engaging and offers a great experience at the table. He’s quick to offer help outside the game, and I have no doubt that the upcoming weekly campaign will be a blast. Can’t wait!


A nat 20 DM

May 8, 2024

Charlie is one of the best dms I’ve had to date. So kind and welcoming, and so enthusiastic about the world he’s created and finding cool works to incorporate not only his own creations, but potentially yours as well. He’s worth every penny and I immediately signed up for a campaign with him after the one shot. 20 out of 20, totally recommend.


From One GM To Another…

May 4, 2024

I had an amazing experience at Charlie’s table! His world-building is masterful, deep, and beautiful. He took a table of vets and new players alike – with high level characters just to complicate things – and made the experience rich and enjoyable for all. From one GM to another, I highly recommend him.


A great DM that got me back in D&D

May 1, 2024

Charlie was a fantastic DM for my one shot. I haven’t played D&D for a few years now because of my job and not finding a stable group to play due to schedule conflicts. Then a friend of mine told me about this site and I tried out his one shot just to get the feel for it. I got there early and him and I talked for a bit while waiting on other people to arive and he put all my doubts at ease about my work schedule on how it can conflict with the games. So now I’m signed up for his campaign and I’m excited to have him as my DM for it.


Fantastic and fun!

February 15, 2024

Charlie is an amazing DM who puts so much time and effort into the story that he and the players are creating together. You’ll always look forward to your sessions with Charlie!