In person Dungeons & Dragons Virginia Beach, In person Dungeons and Dragons Chesapeake Virginia
Game Systems Dungeons & Dragons 5e, Savage Worlds (Deadlands)

David Young

Game Master

I began my Role-Playing adventure back in 1980 with the Blue Box edition of Dungeons & Dragons. In 1982, I became a DM/GM with Star Frontiers. I have experience both running and playing literally dozens of systems, and the games listed above are about half of what I can run either as one-shots or ongoing campaigns. I offer a good mix of combat and Role-Playing, tailoring each game to meet the needs and interests of the group. I am flexible, accommodating to veterans and new players alike, and fostering mutual respect for all members of the group (politics are left at the door). I do have a small list of standard table rules regardless of system to ensure the comfort of all players and to keep the gameplay flowing.

And yes, I do DM D&D on request. It's not a preferred system, but I can run it.


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