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Game Systems Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Fortune’s Fool

Game Master

Avery "FortunesFool" Carroll is a charismatic and passionate Dungeon Master, with a deep love for roleplaying, storytelling and creating cooperative immersive experiences!

Having spent the majority of his life engrossed in the realms of fantasy and imagination from the early days of Lord of the Rings, Forgotten Realms, and Critical Role, he uses these sources of inspiration to channel his innate skill in descriptive novelization to share with the Dungeons & Dragons table. With years of experience as both a player and a Dungeon Master, he has honed his skills in crafting custom epic adventures that engage and delight his players.

Look to him for providing in-depth characterization of both NPCs and players as he crafts a narrative fueled by the players. Every action has a response and as a player, you dictate the direction and responses of the world around you. Delve deeper into his world and be rewarded with an experience worth repeating again and again!

Whimsy, mystery, and excitement await! Look to the world beyond reality for a experience catered to your wants and roll into adventure!


5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 6 reviews)
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10/10 DM!!!!!

January 30, 2024

As someone who has played DnD with Avery from the beginning he truly has grown as both a player and a DM. He is great at guiding new and experienced players through the character creation process. Also great at guiding new players through the tricky mechanics DnD has. He loves incorporating his players backstory into his campaign while also letting the players pave their way through his world.


Great teacher for new players

January 30, 2024

I had very little experience with DnD and Avery helped me understand how to build a character as well as make a character that I want to play as. He crafts his stories in a way that has depth, and are easy to follow along with. He is always open to any and all questions and wants to make sure everyone is having a great time. I would definitely recommend Avery for any first time DnD players!


Welcoming and Collaborative

January 30, 2024

Avery has been my DM for half a dozen games. Every time he has been very welcoming with everyone knew to the table and always there to answer any questions. Avery also delivers a very collaborative game finding ways to connect back stories into whatever story is being told and making sure everyone gets to develop their character.

Andreu Harper

Attentive and Approachable

January 30, 2024

I’ve been in a few games DMed by Avery and everytime has been a great experience. As a DM he is passionate about his world building and is very concise when it comes to explaining rulings. He is knowledgable, can confidently answer questions, and make sure new players and/or experienced players know what is going on.

Christian Joyce

An Immersive and Collaborative Experience

January 29, 2024

I’ve spent nearly five years playing Dungeons & Dragons, and I’ve had my fair share of times working with DMs. But, none of them were like the one I had with Avery. He’s not just there to run the game, he brings it so alive that you feel like you’re in the story yourself, and your character fits right in. His skills turn the game into an actual brainstorming session where everybody’s ideas are heard. He’s got it down to a science, getting players involved and encouraging them to collaborate.

Austen Carroll