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Game Systems Dungeons & Dragons 5e


Game Master

Hi, I'm Dev.

I started playing D&d in 2017 and absolutely had my world rocked by this game, very quickly jumping into running games and feeding off the passion and energy of the community; to create and live in the awesome and versatile worlds games like D&d can facilitate.

Its my goal to provide as enhanced of a gaming experience as I can to keep things fun and engaging. For me, the name of the game is to be simple, yet clever. Short and sweet puzzles, following the more interesting path in roleplay and encounters(even if we have to bend some of my own rules to do it) and fast, engaging combat with more going on than just "hit the baddy till it dies" that hopefully will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Interested in a specific type of game world or style? I'm happy to build a one-shot or campaign around the group at the table, all it takes is a conversation.

A note to new players- ask me questions, as many as you want. I'm a huge fan of low level play and getting people set up, and who knows, maybe even running your own games one day! Baby steps though.



5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 5 reviews)
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Awesome master

June 17, 2024

Led the first game I ever played and made it so easy to understand and to get into the flow of how to play. Made the game incredibly streamlined and easy for a beginner to enjoy

Ernest hughes

DND game

June 15, 2024

He’s amazing at what he does. He’s very descriptive of what’s happening even when distractions are going on in the back ground. He’s very good at story telling!


Awesome DM

June 15, 2024

As a newbie with a long learning curve, I really appreciated the patience with which Devon taught me. After introducing the basics we played a one on one game. He directed outcomes with humor, imagination, and kept me on my toes as the story unfolded with twists and turns I did not expect. I was engaged the entire time and can’t wait to do it again.


Pupil becomes the Teacher

June 14, 2024

He was one of my players a while back, I feel he has grown substantially in the realm of running D&D style games and has learned to be very adaptive to players who don’t see a clear path and instead try to make their own. His attention to details in his world building both makes it feel grounded within itself while also fantastical on a larger scale.

He is a “yes and?” kind of DM who I have rarely seen turn an idea down but instead rework it to make sense, making everyone at the table feel included and capable of influencing the story without detailing it entirely.

Having watched him teach people the basics of the game and lead newer players through adventures that inspire them to keep playing has been a genuine treat to watch.


Very Good Storyteller.

June 14, 2024

I had an opportunity to play in one of Devon’s oneshots. The level of immersion and story telling was honestly impressive with young kids running around in the background.

The combat was ran very well and described in a way where I was captivated when it wasn’t my turn.

He has patience with new players and is respectful about answering any questions.