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Game Systems Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Anton The Storyteller

Game Master

Anton is a passionate multimedia storyteller, content creator, author, journalist, designer, and builder of immersive worlds as the Games Director for Outland Entertainment


In addition to his contributions to the gaming and pop culture communities through various outlets including Mad Cave StudiosDen of Geek, and Comicon Anton is also a fierce advocate for disability rights and representation – speaking globally at diversity events, enhancing awareness, providing education, promoting representational opportunities, and collaborating to elevate the voices of all who advocate for inclusion in all forms of media.


As someone who has been disabled since birth, Anton understands that the importance of representation in popular culture goes beyond just the heroic moments, but lives in the ordinary moments that make us human.


5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 6 reviews)
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Magical Worlds and Collaboration

March 20, 2024

Anton creates living, breathing worlds and NPCs that are a joy to encounter! He cares about his players and their enjoyment, listening to their concerns and weaving their characters into ancient and growing lore.

Ma’at Crook

You're in for a treat

March 20, 2024

If you’re lucky enough to have Anton as a DM, you are in for a treat. He has this truly special ability to pluck you out of your headspace, and put you in his stories. I’ve personally learned how to be a better DM just by participating in his games. He’ll put the work in to make your character feel truly special. The only downside is, other games may not quite scratch the same itch after sitting at his table.

Paul Sorrell

Prestige-tier Storyteller

March 20, 2024

There are DM’s, and then there are Storytellers. A DM will guide you through mechanics of encounters, but a Storyteller will weave you into the fabric of a faraway land, transcending a game and elevating your play into an experience. Anton is not just a top tier storyteller, he’s the best of the best.


Best Storyteller out there

March 20, 2024

Anton is the real deal. His mastery of the craft is infectious. Favorite DM/Storyteller I’ve ever had, by miles. He knows everything, actually everything, about every aspect of the worlds he builds. And he really cares about every member of the table.

Nick Nolan

A Storyteller's Storyteller

March 20, 2024

Anton is a fierce advocate for accessibility in TTRPG and comics. As his editor at Comicon, I am constantly learning about the ins and outs of role playing games. He has a very simple and clear way of articulating the most obscure and complicated concepts to both die-hard gamers and novices who are looking to get more involved in the hobby. My children, aged 8 and 10, enlisted his help in starting a TTRPG Club at the local library. He provided guidance and mentorship to my kids and the librarian that proved crucial to their success in forming and running the club. Anton’s passion, knowledge, creativity, and ability to convey complex story devices in simple terms is second to none.

Brendan Allen