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HEAR ME OUT! He's not a good actor but he's also not a bad actor. Sure Gone Girl is great but he was also in Gigli. Think about it.

Hey I'm Tyler! I've been a DM for 8 years now and and a professional DM for 2 years. I love the way it brings people together in a time where we've all become a little bit isolationist. I'm just gonna say it: IT'S HARD MAKING NEW FRIENDS AS AN ADULT! D&D will get you there.

That's just the external benefit. I believe every person has a hunger for adventure, or a desire to be the first person to see something. You used to be able to hop on a ship and see the world (and most likely get Dysentery). Now the only unseen places are in space and the bottom of the sea, and they're not recruiting people like me for those missions. D&D can satisfy that calling.

Take a break from being a cog in a system that doesn't care about you or your needs, and go on an adventure. If you're interested in a personalized custom campaign or a one-shot, feel free to reach out. 757-692-1027

ARMAGEDDON, Ben Affleck was pretty good in that one......but Pearl Harbor was pretty rough..... call me


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Put some respect in your tone when you say his name: Tyler

January 30, 2024

Tyler has been one of my DMs for many years now. His character development, storyline preparation, collaboration work, ability to “yes, and”, creativity, and just plain friendship is second to none! He’s always prepared and doesn’t waste time… unless it’s wasting time laughing with you or bantering in character… Which is the good kind of time wasting. His home brews are creative and deep, his NPC are worth getting to know, and he himself is just a good guy. He’s good people and you would be lucky to hang with Tyler. Also, Ben Affleck sucks! Except in Good Will Hunting and The Town. But he was just playing a guy from Boston in both of those. Big stretch.


Tyler is better than Ben Afflek

January 26, 2024

These aren’t horse words. In fact, they are the words of a player with a completely unbiased opinion on this matter. I’ve never seen a Ben Afflek movie, but I stand by my opinion. Where Ben Afflek plateaus at “OK”, Tyler excels into the realm of “incredible”, “amazing”, and perhaps even “inspiring”. His campaigns are immersive, imaginative, and well-executed. His sense of humor is stellar and is guaranteed to leave you in stitches and/or on the floor crying with laughter (I have receipts to prove it). He brings the group together in a way that lets everyone shine and fosters a healthy and welcoming role play environment. You won’t regret booking a session with Tyler. Pro-tip: if you provide him with wigs, he WILL wear them. Just don’t give him any you love or hold dear. They will never be the same.


One of the Best there is, the Best there was and the Best that ever will be

January 21, 2024

From thrilling heist adventure to laying the smackdown in a wrestling match to the death nobody can do it better then Tyler. Having spent multiple years as one of his players Tyler has yet to fail to keep me on my toes. Switching from gut busting humor to tear rendering drama the man is a genius storyteller. If you have a chance to experience on of his original stories, jump at it.


Who rescued who?

January 13, 2024

Its been two years since we found our pride and joy Tyler. Rode out to this little mining town on the Himdinger Ranch during a time when I was looking for a little someone to share an adventure with. I was a college drop out struggling with a dice addiction, but after the crazy travels I’ve had with our Tyler, I not only found a family, but I found my Patron!

In all seriousness, Tyler is an amazing DM that enhances the game for everyone at the table regardless of their rp experience! You will laugh and scream and count the days until your next session with him in anticipation!


I rate him this many ?✌️

January 13, 2024

I can’t be more clear, I rate him this many ?✌️

RIP Randy