Tyranny of Dragons

Next Session: July 16, 2024 5:00 pm

About the Game

Session Length: 2 -
3 hours

The forces of Tiamat, Queen of Evil Dragons, bring war to the Forgotten Realms. Led by the sinister Cult of the Dragon, an army of dragons and foul villains wage a merciless campaign to unleash their draconic god upon the world. Opposing them is a desperate alliance including the heroic Harpers and treacherous Zhentarim. This fragile coalition needs heroes to unite them and find ways to resist the draconic threat. Do you have the courage to stand against the Cult of the Dragon and the threat of Tiamat’s immortal tyranny?

About the Game Master

Hey there! My names Kel (they/she) and I’d love to GM for you. I enjoy using backstories in-game and a solid mixture of combat and role play. I love to see players escape into a world where they can be whoever they want to be. Come play! New and seasoned players are welcome!