The Vibrant Rebellion

Next Session: June 23, 2024 11:30 am

About the Game

Session Length: 3 -
3.5 hours
  1. Parents often warn their children that if they are not good, various folk tales will come around to take them away. In Seplea, this is no different – aside from the fact that the ‘folktale’ is real. “The Circus will come and take you away if you don’t behave!” they cry. But the Circus is not what they are – just what the Empire claims them to be.

The year is 199 PI (post imperialis), and the Quiet Massacre has made an example of the rebellion. After fleeing to the southern country of Mabrua twenty years ago, the People’s Company established their first city, in the Southram Valley. Since discovering resources that rival the Seplean Empire’s stores, they have become targets of the Empire’s prying eyes, and their Astirs – towering machines that travel and ensure the Empire’s will is done. But, the Rebellion has yet to cease, and has even acquired Astirs for their own – after modifying them, of course.


(Armour Astir: Advent is a game Powered by the Apocalypse, written by Briar Sovereign. You can read the quick start rules on their page, here. No experience necessary, please contact with any questions!)

About the Game Master

I’ve been DMing for almost two decades now, having started in high school with no core rulebook and a bunch of handwritten rules that I could glean. That was the moment, in retrospect, that I was fated to become a DM.

In fantasy games, I will most often use my homebrew setting of Sholla, which is heavily inspired by the films of Studio Ghibli as well as a steampunk-adjacent aesthetic. I have yet to delve into sci-fi games but I am hoping to develop one soon! Modern games are rarer but I have run Monsters of the Week in the past.