The Shrouded Sport

Next Session: June 26, 2024 5:30 pm

About the Game

Session Length: 2.5 -
3 hours

Ushugalla has known peace for the last millennia. A shining beacon to the other city-states of the never-ending sea, the Jester King, the Curious King, and the Undying King all manifest their sovereignty over their allotted portions of this majestic jewel of the north. Trade, commerce, and the exchange of all cultures are welcome in the Neuros, a neutral zone that surrounds the towering spire at Ushugalla’s heart. But all one must do is pull back the veil of the glossy veneer to reveal the endless cloak and dagger game afoot in the shadows of the glistening city. Caught up in this shrouded sport of kings, our adventures must decide where their loyalties lie and if the ghost of the past are just whispers or the winds of change.

** Game Details**

  • All characters will start at Level 1.
  • We are using DnDBeyond for character creation and management…so sign up for an account if you don’t have one.
  • Once you sign up for the game, I will email you a brief gazetteer explaining the setting and providing character options. PLEASE read and ask any questions prior to our first session.
  • The first session will include character creation so come ready with ideas!

About the Game Master

Greetings, Adventures!

I am owllessur, aka Russell. I have been a Game Master for over 10 years and have experience running games with a variety of systems in a myriad of genres for all skill levels.

Game Systems: Call of Cthulhu, Cities without Number, D&D 5e, Errant, Flames of Freedom, GURPS, Mork Borg, Old School Essentials, Pathfinder 2e, Stars without Number, Worlds without Number & Zweihander.

Game Settings: Cyberpunk, dark fantasy, high fantasy, historical western, horror, low fantasy, sci-fi, space opera, space western, steampunk, and sword & sorcery.

GM Beliefs: 

  • The table facilitates a cooperative storytelling experience for my players. Player choice matters and has a real and lasting impact on the game world.
  • The rules are foundations more than fences and should be used to enhance the experience, not deter it.
  • Creativity should be rewarded not punished. The most direct route may not always be the best.
  • Role-playing is more than accents…it is embodying a character…getting under their skin and into their shoes.
  • Combat is not the only answer to challenges but it is a fun one. It should be dangerous, cinematic, and memorable.