The Scouts of Palmere

Next Session: October 13, 2023 5:30 pm

About the Game

Session Length: 3.5 -
4 hours

On the world known as Avelina, chaos and turmoil raged throughout. Good and evil struggling for control of the lands.

After many days and months, the Great One released his anger in a shout heard and felt throughout the lands. “Enough!!!” The voice was immediately followed by a thunderous boom, that triggered a destructive wave of force – centered on the Kingdom of Aveline.

The force of the shout rent the land into three Contenants, plunging Aveline into the seas that rose between the newly formed land masses.  Winds, in excess of a thousand miles per hour, wreaked havoc and destruction on the remainder of the civilizations and creature abodes of the wild.

The human city named Blessed Hope, ruled by the aging Lord Randall Condelynn, and the Elven community of Corellon’s Blessing were all that remained mostly intact.  A group of young knights, under the guidance of Lord Condelynn’s son – Sir Brand Condelynn, began rebuilding what was left. Each knight, establishing a castle and a community nearby, began trying to recover what was lost in the cataclysm. Seeing the need for a fresh start for his people and the land, the aging Lord and the remaining knights, named Sir Condelynn king. At the crowning of the young King, Blessed Hope was renamed Julliana, after the King’s wife, and the newly established kingdom became known as … New Hope.

As the campaign starts: You, along with several other strange faces, stand in the throne room of Castle Palmere.

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