The Road to Ascension

Next Session: March 31, 2024 12:00 pm

About the Game

Session Length: 2.5 -
6 hours

The hearts and minds of man are so fickle, so easily rewritten by wants and greed. From a king’s cruel and prejudiced agenda to a sorceress craving nothing but their own power and freedom. A lurking figure of divinity and light lurks within the void of light beyond mortal comprehension, waiting for her time to strike and purge the continent of Payara from its impure and chaotic ways.

In this massive sprawling game of 4D chess where will our intrepid party of level 1 misfits find themselves amongst it all? Will they find themselves siding with the violent uprising against a corrupted leader or will they find themselves willing pawns on the team to bring about the annihilation of the multiverse?
No matter which path they choose to walk the world, the gears are already in motion. Time, a ceaseless clock to always turn and the Goddess Hiliana destined to rise again. Will the party be on the side of good, evil, or vicious neutrality? Only one way to find out!

Join us at COVA Brewing Company in a thrilling journey across the Kingdoms, slaying foes and raising armies.

Players begin at Lvl 1 (Contact DM for details)

COVA Brewing Company is offering 25% off all drinks for those participating in this weekly event.

About the Game Master

Good Morning/ Afternoon/ Evening or wherever this message finds you,

My name is Alejandro (AJ) Borchetta, or Jandro to those who know me better. I have been a DM for nearly 7 years with a variety of homebrew campaigns and one-shots in my repertoire.

I love creating vibrant worlds and fun experiences for others and providing an understanding and welcoming environment for new ideas and even the occasional outlandish series of events. Every character in the story is important and should have the opportunity to thrive.