The Misadventures of Vian

Next Session: December 14, 2023 6:30 pm

About the Game

Session Length: 2.5 -
3 hours

The Vivianite Games have started, a series of challenges where the participants face monsters mutated by the Vivianite Crystals. These crystals are grown from the corpses of dead monsters corpses and have the power to absorb their attributes. Live long enough and a combatant will get to see the famed Crystal Catacombs of Pelon. Winners get to live in eternal glory.

About the Game Master

I’ve been a Game Master for about three years now. My favorite part of being a GM is world building, creating whole new worlds and adventures for my players to explore. I don’t use modules, instead I like to invent worlds that have yet to be explored. I like to create props for use in game like maps and letters. Currently, I’m dabbling with building my own battlemaps out of styrofoam and paper mache.