Tales From Barovia

Next Session: October 6, 2023 5:30 pm
Tower of Games (Virginia Beach)

About the Game

The land of Barovia is a landscape full of shifting winds and the mist of Barovia has let a group of people out into the land that is currently missing its leader. Those that dare to wander this landscape need to be aware that all is not peaceful in a land divided among 4 factions, each one wishing to seize power for themself at the expense of those who live in this land.

Witches, Were-beasts, The Undead, and Vampires all have their place in the tales of Barovia and it is up to you if you wish to write your own Tale in a land that is always the same and yet always changing.

About the Game Master


Dm of about 20 years of experience who enjoys using home brew more then the rules as written. One of my favorite campaigns is always going to be Storm King's Thunder. I might add more here if i can think of it, though if you want to bribe me at a game bring black licorice....

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