Shall we begin? – NEW 5E Game

Next Session: June 23, 2024 6:00 pm

About the Game

Session Length: 3 -
4 hours

Hi all,

We just had our Session 0 (sumarized below) and have made characters. But new players are still more then welcome to join (The more the marrier)! We can set up time to make your character (discord link below) or we’ve got pre-gens you can use to just drop in.

When last we left our heroes: They sieged the Hanging Tree tavern — a front for the mercenary guild, The Ivory Throne — in order to reclaim stolen goods they were hired to retrieve. After a bar room brawl, an intrepid game of cards, and breaking through several rooms of orcs, the party finds themselves face-to-face with the Ivory Throne’s leader, Dohma Rauskovar! He welcomes them with an ominous confidence to a room full of mercenaries as he sits atop his Ivory throne, ready and waiting for them.

About the Game Master

Hi, my name’s Travis. I have been DMing for 10-ish years now and played with lots of different groups and play styles. I’ve run (and played in) many games in various TTRPGs since I started, especially D&D. I love world building and story telling and look forward to playing with you in future games. So… how do you wanna do this? 😉