Shadows of Meadowrise

Next Session: June 24, 2024 6:00 pm

About the Game

Session Length: 2.5 -
3.5 hours

Step into the Kingdom of Elderbrook, where secrets linger over the seemingly normal kingdom like whispers in the wind, and every step unveils new mysteries and dangers. Nestled on the edges of the wilderness, well apart from its neighbors, the quaint village of Shadehollow has managed to stay just beyond the fingertips of the new king of Elderbrook. How long this delicate balance may last is anyone’s guess.

However, hidden truths lie just beneath the surface, and Shadehollow may be more than the sleepy farming town it claims to be. Tall tales and cryptic rumors carry an unexpected weight, and visitors begin to question whether the untamed wilds are safer than the seemingly peaceful glow of the local tavern. As shadows lengthen and whispers grow, Shadehollow beckons, inviting you to uncover the mysteries hidden within its depths.


Due to the holidays we will not have a session Dec 25th or Jan 1st. We will resume the 2nd Monday of January!

About the Game Master

I’m Drake Sheffield, and I’ve been a game master for over 8 years. In that time, I’ve had the pleasure of running and playing in 5 long-term campaigns, each lasting over a year, in addition to leading dozens of smaller adventures.

My passion lies in introducing new players to the captivating world of tabletop gaming. I pride myself on being patient and skilled in teaching the ropes of the game, ensuring that everyone, regardless of experience, feels right at home at my table.

Join me for unforgettable adventures in Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop RPGs. Let’s create stories, form friendships, and embark on epic quests together.

Come, roll the dice, and let your journey begin!