ShadowDark Adventures Book 1: The Swamp Dragon Cult

Next Session: June 24, 2024 5:30 pm

About the Game

Session Length: 0 -
4 hours

Welcome to ShadowDark RPG where the torches must stay lit and the loot nets you the sweet sweet XP.

Our tale starts with The Swamp Dragon Cult. In a small town called Strasterton, which is located not too far from a larger city, our adventurers find themselves at the center of the town’s attention which desperately need their help. The heroes are then contacted for help from multiple sources to deal with a group of dragon worshipping cultists who have been attacking the townsfolk and stealing items. There is also a rumor of an actual Dragon in the area and the heroes will need to seek out if that is true and how to deal with the situation.

This adventure will start at Level 1 and each book after that will take the heroes all the way to Level 10.

Will you brave the ShadowDark and help the good folks of Strasterton rest easier? Or will you be tempted from the Dragon Cult to join their ranks to further your own goals?

About the Game Master

Hello. My name is Greth. I am a professional DM looking for eager and exciting players to join me for Cyberpunk RED games and Shadowdark games.

As your Game Master, I’ll guide you through the gritty and thrilling world of the Dark Future, where mega corporations reign supreme, cybernetic enhancements blur the line between man and machine, and streetwise punks navigate a treacherous urban landscape in search of power, profit, and a place to belong.

I also host Shadowdark games. Shadowdark is a new OSR (Old School Revival) style of TTRPG. It is designed to be less number crunchy and more fast paced action where the amount of loot you gather will net you the XP. Shadowdark is fairly new having had a very successful kickstarter and is growing in popularity. Players who are familiar with the 5e style of system will feel right at home and will immediately recognize the usual tropes of 5e.