Pirates: The Legend of Red Tom

Next Session: June 23, 2024 3:30 pm

About the Game

Session Length: 3 -
3.5 hours

In a world where the seas are ruled by ruthless pirates and the oppressive grip of the Althean Trading Company (ATC), players take on the role of a daring crew seeking to uncover the legendary treasure of the infamous Captain Red Tom. Once a feared and respected pirate lord, Captain Red Tom’s treasure is rumored to be the greatest haul ever amassed, hidden away before his capture by the ATC. As players navigate treacherous waters and dodge the relentless pursuit of the ATC, they must unravel cryptic clues and navigate perilous islands in a race against time to locate the elusive treasure before it falls into the hands of their enemies. Along the way, they’ll encounter rival pirates, ancient curses, and deadly traps, testing their mettle and cunning at every turn.


As the adventure unfolds, players must make tough decisions that will shape their journey and determine the fate of Captain Red Tom’s legacy. Will they forge alliances with other pirate crews or betray them for their own gain? Can they outsmart the ATC and evade capture long enough to claim the treasure? And what dark secrets lie buried alongside the gold and jewels of Captain Red Tom’s hoard? In this high-stakes pirate campaign, the thrill of the open sea awaits those bold enough to seek fortune and glory amidst the chaos of the pirate-infested waters.

Pirates: The Legend of Red Tom is an ideal campaign for veteran or beginner players.

About the Game Master

Hi, I’m BlazePyro. I go by Rob to my friends and players. I am a huge fan of all things nerdy from high fantasy to sci-fi, board games to miniature strategy games, and TTRPGs to CCGs. I’ve been playing Dungeons and Dragons since I was 8 years old all the way back in first edition. I’ve been DMing since I was 14 starting with Advanced Dungeons and Dragon’s (2nd ed). Since then I’ve run hundreds of games over several RPG systems. I have a very open-minded play style at my table where I encourage fun and innovative problem solving. I have DM’d for dozens of new players who are still learning the rules and mechanics of the game. I want everyone at my table to feel included and have an equal voice within the party. I hope that in some way I can inspire others to pursue their own path within the gaming community. I’ve met lasting friends and made precious memories over the years. I’m looking forward to sharing my table and my passion with you.