New Yapp a Fantasy Metropolis DND 5e

Next Session: June 11, 2024 6:30 pm

About the Game

Session Length: 3 -
4 hours

The Big Onion: New Yapp. It is a HELL of a town.

If you can make it here you can make it anywhere. A sprawling metropolis.

New Yapp the big onion
New Yapp take a bite we dare you

New Yapp is the largest city on the carapace coast the east side of the Nation of The United Sectors of Amika

It has been 237 years since the founding of the individual sectors
Into one Nation After a generational long war against the original explorers of the continent and sectors.

The 13 original sectors slowly but surely came to dominate the continent. Over the inevitable passing of time wild areas have been largely tamed and over the last 70 years a general calm has fallen over the vast continent. Once teaming with Wylnde magic and beasts Now vast metropolitans sprawl.

New Yapp is the most dense of these spaces. One of the first ports on the continent has sense been a bustling place of commerce and industry for the United sectors of Amika.

All are welcome in New Yapp Human,elf,orc,goblin but crime is punished swiftly by members of the New Yapp Guard Department
Many in the less affluent areas have said maybe crime has a way to finding them when the NYGD is around.

As one would assume where there is money to be made there is crime to be had. Many small time groups try to put their hands in pockets that aren’t theirs but even the most common of commoners has heard the name Occhio Di Serpente and the control they have over their network
But as of late there has been encroachments on their territory by the Tikhaya Smert

One can always find the wares goods and adventure you are looking for in the Burroughs of New Yapp.
Shopping in the meadow
Come to make your fortune on the Trading Floor
seeking entrainment on the Broadpath or a violent show at Mastros DODECAHEDRON Garden.
Maybe start a career in shipping in the Clayport
Or rub elbows with the elite at the Soiree at Bruce Manor

When you are in New Yapp the possibilities are endless


About the Game Master

HEY YOU! yeah you. Want to role some dice in a 5e Game centered around a Grand fantasy metropolis. Then you have found the right place! Welcome to new Yapp I both play and DM. My campaigns are almost 100% homebrew. Because of the players I often DM things tend to be more silly then serious. But I am always down for some heavy RP. I have a acting and improv background so love to drill down with RP but love seeing the crits hit in challenging combat

GM style

My main rule is that of cool. However that doesn’t mean my games are easy. My games have intrigue and humor, massive battles with well crafted villains.