Into the Underworld

Next Session: October 3, 2023 6:30 pm
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About the Game

Welcome to the world of Edras, sometimes known as the Cradle of Monsters! Embark on an adventure through a world where the only sources of arcane magic are the very monsters than terrorize the land. Wield living blades crafted from the spines of demons, graft draconic scales into your skin in lieu of armor, or even replace your heart with that of a monster and command arcane magic itself!

Your party of Soulborn in service to Kallista Marsk, the Bandit Queen of Dorwine, have been dispatched to Eldwold on a mission to recover the remnants of a prophesied meteorite that recently fell near the border town. But before you can even begin your search for the fallen star, you must cross the Owl Barrens and the mountainous wilderness that separates Eldwold from the nearest city. Can you survive the journey? And if you do, can you secure the shards of the crashed skymetal from whatever villainous hands also seek it out?

About the Game Master


About Me
Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to give my GM profile here at quick read. I'll try to keep it short and sweet.

I've been playing TTRPGs for around a quarter century and have been running weekly for about 15 years now. My experience has ranged wildly from the urban horror of World of Darkness to the fantastical chanbara of Legend of the Five Rings. In the last few years, I've mostly focused on Dungeons & Dragons 5e, Pathfinder 2e, and 13th Age.

Most interestingly, I've been developing my own setting for the past eight years or so. It has its own World Anvil is up to somewhere around 400,000 words total. As of now, six games or so have been run within its borders by a few GMs (including me), some games going over the 2 year mark.

My niche is highly cinematic games with overarching storylines that pull the characters in (willingly or otherwise!) and get them moving. I like the plot to always be developing and I love myself a good throw down, drag out fight (preferably with a dragon somewhere in there).

I'm looking to having some fun and getting the opportunity to share my stories with a larger audience!

GM style

  • I love roleplaying and prefer to all PC/NPC interactions "in-character" and usually with a character voice on my side (no expectation on the player's side).
  • I run on Foundry VTT and believe heavily in using immersive media such as animated battle maps, customized tokens, scenic background music, and scene-setting images.
  • I enjoy combat that makes you think and that doesn't always have such simple goals as "reduce everything to 0 HP".
  • I am stickler for the rules (though with 13th Age part of the rules is bending the rules, so...) and try to make sure everything is as fair and balanced as I can get it.
  • That being said, I tend to run games on the higher difficult end of things; I believe that hard won victories are the most memorable ones.
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