Dragon Heist

Next Session: June 25, 2024 5:30 pm

About the Game

Session Length: 2 -
2.5 hours

A group of adventurers find themselves involved in an ever growing plot to recover a stolen dragon hoard. Several factions vie for control, information, and power. Will our adventurers rise to the  challenge and find the stolen gold, fold to political intrigue, or fade into nothingness?

About the Game Master

Well met adventurers!


I am the Beard-N-Chief. I have been gaming for around 30 years, and game master for 20+.  I run serious/lighthearted campaigns, try to be balanced in my approach to rules(rule of cool always win), encourage role-play over dice rolls, and always push the story forward. The world is my creation, but the players are the center piece. I am very story driven, and even though I love a good combat.. I enjoy story arch’s better. I always encourage my players to give me a good background because I love seeing character development. I do not run evil campaigns and will not allow heinous acts at my table. I love running campaigns and one-shots, and hope to see you at my table!