Curse of Strahd

Next Session: June 26, 2024 6:00 pm

About the Game

Session Length: 2.5 -
4 hours

“The Curse of Strahd” is a chilling Dungeons & Dragons campaign that plunges players into the foreboding realm of Barovia, a land shrouded in darkness and ruled by the enigmatic vampire lord, Strahd von Zarovich. Trapped within this sinister domain, players must navigate through mist-shrouded forests, haunted villages, and decrepit castles while confronting terrifying creatures and unraveling the dark secrets that bind them to Barovia. With themes of gothic horror, tragic romance, and moral ambiguity, “The Curse of Strahd” offers players a thrilling and atmospheric adventure as they strive to escape the grasp of Strahd’s curse and bring hope to the land’s oppressed inhabitants.

About the Game Master

Hello all!! Been playing roleplaying games for over 10 years! Love playing with seasoned vets and players who are new! You are never to old to use your imagination! Would  love to be your Gamemaster!