Curse of Strahd: 1897

Next Session: June 29, 2024 11:00 am

About the Game

Session Length: 1 -
2.5 hours

Enter a world of steam and sorcery. Its 1897 DR in the world of Faerun and you all make your home in the city of Baldur’s Gate, a joyous and worldly metropolis full of wonder, riches, and life!

Then one summer night, a mysterious ship comes to port, while investigators burst unto the scene, they find no crew and no cargo…but lots and lots of blood. That’s when the Night Plague came.


In this Action, Gothic, Horror, Mystery and Pulp Fantasy re-telling of the forgotten realms, your character either through coincidence or perhaps fate, are tasked to save the new world form an ancient evil…and learn more about the world outside and where true evil lurks.


Join in this adventure of Monsters, Mystery, and Magic! and careful not to lose your head.


About the Game Master

Hello World! My name is Ashaun Jackson, but I go by Dapper Wombat on the Internet! I have played TTRPGS for 13 years of my life. I have been a game master for nine years, and I work as a TTRPG-related content creator and had the opportunity to be on various livestreams and podcast! I also run my very own podcast called: Tales of Adventure: Agents of B.O.O and have been doing so successfully for 3 years!


Well versed in most manner of TTRPGs from 3.5 all the way to Dungeon World, to Shadowrun and back!