Coliseum Chaos

Next Session: June 29, 2024 12:00 pm

About the Game

Session Length: 0 -
2 hours

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The Colosseum of Cthonì: Towering above the bustling city of Caelum, the Colosseum of Cthonia casts a long, ominous shadow. Within its blood-soaked sands, champions clash in desperate combat for the amusement of the roaring crowds. Some fight for freedom, others for glory, and still others for survival. Are you a condemned criminal thrown into the pit, a noble fallen from grace, or a mysterious stranger with hidden motives? Whatever your past, Cthonia demands your future.


Beyond the Arena: Your journey won’t be confined to the brutal spectacle. Explore the sprawling underbelly of Caelum, teeming with taverns frequented by gladiators, shady merchants peddling exotic wares, and secret societies plotting against the corrupt regime. Unearth ancient secrets hidden beneath the city, forge alliances with unlikely allies, and discover the true reason behind your presence in the Colosseum.

About the Game Master

Hello 👋

My name’s Joaquin I started playing DND about half a year a ago. And now I think about it daily. I love the creative freedom the game provides. I quickly had the urge to DM. My sisters wanted to try but don’t like “nerd stuff” so I homebrewed a system where they could play the story of toys* copyright lol. My cousins wanted to play but they “just want to kill stuff” so bam! Homebrewed gladiator campaign! They fell in love with NPCs and wanted to lore. So I built multiple colosseums with a world ending mystery…


Not sure if you can tell but I will dm for anyone that will listen haha. I do really enjoy making a story to cater to the players desires because after all the party is even more the story writer than the dm.