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What is Rogue Game Masters?

We are professional Game Masters that excel at in person Role Playing Games.
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  • Enter your gaming preferences
  • Search games or head to your profile for “My Recommendations”
  • Connect with GMs and book a seat

Whether you’re new or experienced with games like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, and Star Wars RPGs, our professional GMs will make sure you’re welcome and introduce to the game in a way that works for you.

Upon registering for an event, your Game Masters will ensure you have everything necessary for an immersive gaming experience. Joining our public in-person games not only unlocks thrilling adventures but also fosters a sense of community, uniting local gamers in shared tales and unforgettable moments.

It will be up to your Game Master to determine what you will need in order to play, but most likely you will need a pencil, paper for notes, and game dice.

  1. With an active account, you have the ability to send direct messages to them through the Rogue Game Masters site.
  2. Feel free to engage in a chat with them on our community discord at any time.
  3. Upon signing up for a session of a game you’re excited about, you’ll promptly connect with the Game Master through their discord. Character creation discussions will kick off without delay.

The cost of each session is determined by the Game Masters and varies for each game. Generally, game prices fall within the range of $20 to $40. Game Masters with higher demand or intricate production may have slightly higher charges. RGM also pays the processing fees accrued through the Payment Processing company, Stripe.

We take a small percentage of games booked on our platform. This allows us to pay for advertising and paying our team of devoted gamers.

A Boardgame Coach is an expert at a particular boardgame(s).  A Boardgame Coach can be hired to teach a group of people, known as a “Table”, how to play a boardgame.  They excel at the rules of the game and are impartial helpers that can interject rules advice while the Table is playing in order to facilitate an accurate understanding of the game.

Yes, payments on our platform protect you and the GM from fraud. All payments are done through Stripe, one of the most secured payment processors in the world. If a player or GM asks you to take payment off-site with Venmo or PayPal, we suggest you reach out to us at (Need an email for this).

We offer three distinct game services: Campaigns, One Shots, and Boardgame Coaching.

  1. For One Shot sessions, an upfront payment is required to secure your seat.
  2. Boardgame Coaching entails an upfront payment to reserve a table for 2-6 players.
  3. Campaigns operate on a subscription basis, with initial purchases charged when the player signs up for the game, and subsequent renewals charged at the start of subsequent games.

Players have the flexibility to “Suspend” their game at any time before the next session. Failure to Suspend the game will result in charges, and the game will proceed even in the absence of players.